Share Your Smile With Amigo Masks

We have created Amigo masks to provide good protection yet help bring down the barrier to social interaction that is associated with masks.

Put on your best face and save the planet

Protection against droplets from coughing or sneezing, Re-usable, machine or hand washed, 2 layers of tight fabric made from cotton and printed polyester.

Protect so you don’t infect

3D design to fit comfortably around face, Elastic straps which adjust to head and face size yet still allow easy, comfortable breathing. Pocket for filter should you want extra protection (Not supplied)

Spread Cheer not Fear

Our colourful masks take the fear out of masks. They break the ice, help start a conversation and allow comfortable communication.

About Us

Amigo Masks Is Part of Lazerbuilt ltd


Lazerbuilt is a UK based company with over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of tech and travell accessories. We like to think our products have a little something extra that sets them apart – we think of this as the ‘cherry on top’… Accessories are a bit like cake. You have the sponge: the good, faithful plain accessories. There’s a lot of this sponge as it’s a big slice of the market, and it’s great, but it’s not all that exciting. Then you have the icing. This part of the market just like the cake is a little more inspiring. It’s colourful, but we’re talking just plain, solid colours.

Then you reach the pinnacle, the crowning glory of the cake that is the cherry. It’s small but perfectly formed, the finishing touch; it’s the extra special bit. In the world of accessories, Lazerbuilt makes the cherry. Our products are fun, exciting and full of personality.

“With a Lazerbuilt product you are always assured a quality product. We conduct in depth safety testing and work with BSCI audited facilities. We have been working with our suppliers for many years and have built fantastic relationships with them. Finally, we take pride in what we produce. We wouldn’t go to market with a product that didn’t do us proud.

Lazerbuilt is a market leader in Tech, Travel and Car accessories throughout Europe with particular strength in Licensed brands. Constantly evolving to anticipate and fulfil market needs, we think our work speaks for itself.”

David Madden – Managing Director and Founder

Why Amigo Masks

There is growing evidence & agreement amongst the scientific community that face coverings, including cloth masks, should be worn by the general public to reduce the transmission of the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) coronavirus.  In order to support the Health Services, the wearing of non-medical grade masks (not higher grade FFP & filtered respirators including N-95) is being advised in Public places or transportation.
2 layer tight-weave reusable fabric coverings, when properly worn, can reduce the spread of particulates. Careful removal of the mask for storage in a carry bag and then thorough washing with soap provides a more sustainable and better value solution for people and the environment

Protective against droplets from coughing, sneezing, talk, dust, and pollution

Hand or machine washable. . Maximum temperature 60C but washable at lower temperatures

REACH compliant non-toxic inks

Snug fit around nose with adjustable nose strip

Cotton pocket to take standard filters for extra protection for those most vulnerable. (Filter NOT supplied)

2 layers of tight weave cotton and fabric – protective and comfortable for breathing

Wash at least 10 times

Adjustable straps for best seal and best comfort

Fun printed design to ‘break the ice’
Cotton pocket to take standard filters.
(Filter NOT supplied)
Rubber grip to adjust elastic straps

Need more information?

We are designers and manufacturers of a wide range of tech and travel products. Please contact us for upcoming masks designs or special requirements.

Happy Customers

I wore an Amigo mask to the bakery today – the people were laughing a lot



In the supermarket the check-out lady laughed and said she loved the mask!



20% of all profits will be donated to

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a 2 layer mask give enough protection?

Wearing a cloth mask protects you and the people around you. The more layers, the more difficult it is to breath through. We designed Amigo masks to give a good level of protection, yet still be light and have good ‘breathability’.

What is the ‘filter pocket’ for?
If the user is especially vulnerable, then we have provided the option of adding extra protection. Commonly available filters can be inserted into the mask. We do NOT supply the filter in our packs.
How many time can I wash the mask?
The mask is printed polyester and cotton , so it’s a bit like a double layer T shirt. We advise that it can be washed more than 10 times, but like a T shirt, it depends how often it is worn and how it is treated. It also depend on the temperature of the wash.

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